Mili Bermejo & Dan Greenspan: Arte del Dúo

An intimate collaboration between two veteran musicians. An artful coalescence of genres ranging from jazz to classical to the traditional sounds of Latin America. The musical expression of two people doing their best to live mindfully. Vocalist/composer Mili Bermejo and bassist Dan Greenspan’s Arte del Dúo project, the culmination of a personal and professional partnership that spans the past 35 years, is all of these things and more.

Simple and beautiful, yet innovative and nearly impossible to categorize, their music blends not just one musician and one voice, but old and new, sound and space, traditional and modern, and the exotic with the familiar, as well as all the love, laughter and loss that can only come from a lifetime spent together. Their new self-titled recording was released on the Ediciones Pentragrama label in October 2016.

Mili Bermejo Sextet

Mili’s latest large-group project is a multi-generational ensemble that recently made its live debut at the 2016 Beantown Jazz Festival in Boston. It features longtime collaborators, as well as new friends and students from her teaching at Berklee College of Music, creating an exciting and diverse palette for her eclectic original compositions and arrangements.

The current lineup includes Jiri Nedoma (piano), Flaviro Lira (guitar), Dan Greenspan (bass), Bertram Lehman (drums) and Ernesto Díaz (percussion), as well as special guest vocalists Maria Wadman and Naty Hernández.